Monday, January 19, 2009


I'd like to share some acquired knowledge with you. Around my 40th birthday this information came to me. It was deep...profound.... revolutionary. Yet even after eleven years, my mind still can't quite fully wrap itself around it. It came one day when it seemed everything around the farm had been conversing and planned an attack....let's all break down tomorrow. The truck's transmission waivered, the trailer's tire went flat, the well wouldn't pump and the conveyor belt broke on the planting machine all on the same day. Then like a bolt of lightning it hit me...I know how to keep from repairing it is not it has nothing to do with the money in your savings account. I laughed that it had taken me 40 years to know this valuable information...I gloated in my wisdom. Puffed with pride at my new found knowledge, I began to share it with others. So I chose today it share it with you via this blog. Beware you will be changed forever. This is not for the faint at heart. The way to keep from repairing things is to have nothing. And with that thought, thank God for all he has given you. We are blessed with so much. Thank you Lord for everything!!!! Now off to fix the leaking hot water heater.


  1. Yes, we do have so much to be grateful for. My trek out to the house out back to shower for the next couple of days is nothing compared to the people in Africa who don't have clean water to drink. Thank you Lord for clean water and hot showers!

  2. I can relate to this. Our pilot light in the heater has gone out a dozen times. But at least we have a heater and a house to warm. Things could always be worse.