Friday, January 21, 2011


Mothers are at the center of life-giving. 
As I think of my own mother today,
 I think of how she was the hub of our family. 
She was an awesome example of God's love. 
She loved her family. 
She sacrificed for her family. 

 Watching the generation below me, I see  the young mother
 giving her own body for the use of her nursing baby. 
 I see a young mother giving up a whole night
of sleep to comfort a crying child. 
 I see the young mother's body growing and stretching
 to accommodate her unborn baby. 

 My mother did all of those things for me. 
 I did all of those things for mine.
  Now I watch mine doing these things for theirs. 
 I am proud to be a part of all of these precious life-givers lives.

I miss you dear mother.

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  1. I knew better than to read this! How sweet. I've been really missing grandma and sad that she won't get to know Olivia or this new baby. But I know she's looking down from heaven on us and that gives me a lot of comfort.