Friday, October 2, 2009

My First "Wadder" in Over a Decade

How you might ask have I gone over 10 years without a wadder? Some may even wonder what is a "wadder?" For sewists all around the world have been producing them for centuries yet I've failed to produce one for a decade. How could I neglect "wadders" for that long? The answer is neglect. The answer lies in laziness and compliance. I've rarely ventured to this land of "wadders." One must face this inevitability as I did today with head held high. To my fellow "wadders" I salute you with respect and appreciation. I, too, am one of you!


  1. Hummmm! The dreaded wadder! You are now a true sewist. All true sewist have "wadders" from time to time. I have had a lot of them in my sewing history. My advise is...throw it in the trash and just go on to the next project.

  2. ok, so what is it? Is it a project gone bad? If so, I'm sure I'll have one very soon!

  3. Lol What is it? Is it supposed to be something that didn't turn out right so u "wadd it up and throw it away"?