Saturday, August 29, 2009

Meet the Author

This past week at work I attended professional development workshops at the School Board Office. They were by the way very informative. The most delightful part was the presenter. Her bubbling New Orleans flair and great personality made the long days fly by. The presenter who prefers to be called Pam had everyone interested and responding with her "Yes, of course, Pam"prompt cards and easy to answer questions. More presenters should model after Pam. Pam is also a published writer which to all who know me well know that I aspire to become the same some day. When I told her that, she simply said "Just WRITE!" Pam had door prizes each day and on the second day, I actually won and was able to get a copy of her book entitled "Storm." It is a romance novel set in the recent historical event of "Katrina." I will say that on lunch break, I read the first chapter and was drawn and hooked by the book instantly. More fuel for my new mantra..."Just WRITE!"
Check this out: Storm by Pamela Leigh Starr, Published by Genesis Press

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