Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Thank You Worth Sharing

Most of you know what a rough year I had last year at work. I had a lot of joy too having Bradley in my first grade class. That was by far the highlight of my teaching career. But last year's transition with new boss was difficult for most of the staff. In fact 16 people left the faculty. This school year however has been so fun for me. I was asked to fill a reading interventionist position which means that I don't have my own class but go around helping with the struggling readers and coaching teachers. It is the job made for me! Jaime said "Mom, I've never heard you say that you love your job until now!" But I do! The boss has tried very hard this year to be kinder and more freeflowing with praise. But the funny part about what I'm going to share with you is about a little joke I do with Brandi Hart in the privacy of our room, "The Reader's Cafe." Sometimes just to get a reaction from Brandi (who is young enough to be my daughter, in fact she and Jaime cheered together in middle school) I will refer to the boss by her first name. Brandi cringes. It took her 3 years to call me Carol! So when we received the note in the picture Brandi was so taken back by the signature! We got a good laugh and it made us proud of how far the boss has come! Oh what a difference a year makes!!!!!!


  1. Finally, some recognition on a job well done! You deserve all the praise.

  2. Aw! I got a mention in your blog. I finally found it today. Love- Brandi

  3. Isn't it amazing that it took over a year to get some praise! What is also so interesting is that she signs all her notes to the teachers the same way. I will agree with you about her being a little more friendly this year.