Friday, February 11, 2011

Kitchen Remodel Ideas...I need your help!!!

Posted by PicasaI am finally starting to wrap my brain around the fact that I MUST do this kitchen remodel....
thanks to the flood of 2011. 
I found some great kitchen ideas at
 and her cabinet line is available at 
 I'd love to have your feedback on them. 
 The sixth picture in the collage is just a cool moveable cabinet I thought would be great next to my refrigerator so it doesn't really count. 
 Look at the first 5 and tell me what you think. 
Of course the cabinets do come in other finishes. 
There are things I love about each kitchen. 
I wish there was the perfect combination
I could just hand a picture to the contractor and say ...
"Do this." 
 Wishful thinking :)


  1. They are all pretty but I think I like the bottom middle one the most. Its bright and has clean lines. I like the see through cabinets. I would be scared to go with the open island..grandchildren may break some I also love the one big sink in top middle. I wish I had that for those big pots and pans that need to soak. That's my opinion :)

  2. Adam likes the first one with the textured panels and big slab drawers. I think it looks pretty, but would be a pain to clean all those nooks and crannies. I like the 2nd picture, especially the dark handles on the light cabinets. I definitely think you should go with a farm sink. Those are cool, and they fit your country setting. All of them are really nice and would look great in your house though.

  3. How exciting to get to redo your kitchen...(right?) I think the top center picture really has the feel of your country setting and seems like it would blend well with the rest of your home. I'm not a big fan of open shelving ('cause I'm not very organized), so the upper (glass front) cabinets in the bottom center picture seem like they would keep the same 'country' feel, the look of the open shelving, and still give you more storage. Whatever you do, I know it's gonna be beautiful! Have fun!