Friday, May 1, 2009

A Touch of Pink

I added a new background to my blog in honor of the baby girls in my life.

***Jaime, my baby girl, announced that she is having a baby name yet. I am so excited for her and her family. The only sad part for me is that they will be moving to Colorado Springs this summer before the baby is born. I'll be racking up some air miles!

***Another baby girl in my life, Lillian Grace, is celebrating her first birthday today. Her big party is at our house on Sunday. Happy Birthday, Lily!

***Baby girl...I mean big girl, Leslie, visited me last weekend as we were filling up the pool. She insisted on sitting on the steps in her birthdaysuit. Her teeth were chattering but she didn't want to get out, however, she looked relieve when I announced, "You have to get out in 5 minutes." I didn't even have to tell her twice. She'll be staying with me in a few weeks when Jackson and Kayla go on their cruise. I can't think of two parents that deserve a vacation more than those two! Hope they have fun...sounds like they'll be cruising to the Bahamas instead of Mexico.

****Granddaughter, Sara, came over last night with her mom to talk about the party. She went in the playroom and cleaned up all the toys. She was careful to put all the tiny toys out of reach. She said she wanted to make the room safe for the little ones coming to the party. What a sweet big sister she is.

I love the girls in my life...and I love the boys too. Maybe soon I'll change to a blue background!!!


  1. We love you too mom! Like the new background.

  2. Aww.. that was sweet You are a special girl in my life too! Love ya bunches!! xoxoxo